10 Tips For LinkedIn Success

One of my favorite parts of my consulting business is working with professionals on their LinkedIn strategy and execution. I love it because they’re baby boomers, and I get to show them the ropes of what works on social media.

Usually, it takes buy-in to show that short-form digestible content and 30-second videos are the way to go. So many C-Level professionals hold onto the train of thought that you need to write a lot with big words to illustrate your intelligence. But in the digital world, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Let me share some tips that can make your content shine.

Be Consistent: You need to work with the algorithm. The more you post the more engagement you’ll receive and LinkedIn will reward you. I rec. 2–3 posts a week.

Storytell: Win hearts and minds. Write with the goal that people will connect with you on an emotional level. The more you do so, the more likely that people will purchase your products or services.

Show Vulnerability: It’s 2020. It’s okay to share a failure or a struggle you’re facing. We’ve all had hardships and that’s another way to show that you’re human.

Break Timely Industry News: Be a thought leader in your industry. Post late-breaking news that is relevant to your peers. You’ll be that first go-to person with the news, and inevitably, others will share your content expanding your reach.

Promote Your Wins: The content that always gets tons of likes and comments is an exciting moment In your career. Be proud to share & you never know what can come of it! People love to support others.

Now let’s put this into action:

Real Photos > Stock Photos: People connect with authenticity and people’s faces. Don’t be afraid to go into your camera roll and find an appropriate photo that aligns with your text. It stands out amongst basic creative and people get to know you more.

Native Video > YouTube: LinkedIn wants you to stay on platform. Instead of using a YouTube link, upload video directly onto LinkedIn. Video content does really well. 90 seconds or less is key.

Add Subtitles: People scroll through fast and not always on desktop. Because of mobile engagement, add subtitles to video so people can consume while on the go. I use Rev.com to transcribe and then upload the .SRT file to Kapwing software.

Hashtag & Tag People: I suggest using 5–8 hashtags to expand audience reach and have the ability to trend in those categories. Use niche hashtags and then a few larger ones to diversify your audience. Also, tag relevant people in your post using the @ sign. That way their network sees the post too.

Ask A Question: Content is all about building community. End content with a question that inspires people to answer in the comments below. The more comments early on, LinkedIn will signal that it is a successful post and promote it more on the newsfeed.

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Marketing Consultant and Social Media Expert based in Silicon Valley working with venture capital firms and early-stage startups. Senior Forbes Contributor