Just when you thought you’d understood everything about the social media landscape, comes a new generation that switches it all up. Enter Gen Z. Born between 1995 and 2010, this digitally native generation has never known life without a smartphone. …

Three hot trends in influencer marketing

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With trends continuously changing and tastemakers affecting purchasing decisions, social media influencers have an incredible impact on how brands advertise and engage audiences. Marketers are seeing the effect influencers are having on brand awareness and sales and investing more of their yearly budget into influencer marketing.

Influencers have been a…

Do you want to increase your company’s visibility on Snapchat?

Have you considered partnering with influencers?

Snapchat influencers can help you connect with your target audience in a creative and entertaining way that improves awareness and messaging.

In this article you’ll discover five ways to partner with influencers on Snapchat.

Why Partner With Snapchat Influencers?


Wondering how you can stand out on Snapchat?

Want to know what’s working for others?

Taking a cue from businesses that are successfully using Snapchat can help you strengthen your own brand’s presence on the platform.

In this article you’ll discover how to improve your marketing on Snapchat.

#1: Provide Specialized Content

Many brands…

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Marketing Consultant and Social Media Expert based in Silicon Valley working with venture capital firms and early-stage startups. Senior Forbes Contributor

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